Compostable Waste Bags

Compostable Waste Bags

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Presto’s line of compostable waste bags meets the ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for compostable plastics. It is specifically engineered to quickly degrade in 10 to 45 days and fully compost in less than 6 months when disposed of in a commercial composting facility. These bags carry the United States Composting Council / Biodegradable Products Institute certification symbol and are ideal for municipal curbside yard waste collection programs.

Choose from a wide selection of counts and sizes.

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Compostable waste bags
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100% Recycled Paperboard
Made in the USA from Global Components
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2.6 Gallon Specifications - Compostable Waste Bags


2.6 Gallon 



1ft 4in X 1ft 5in

(40.6cm X 43.1cm)

13 Gallon Specifications - Compostable Waste Bags


13 Gallon




1ft 11 3/4in X 1ft 5 3/8in

(60.3cm X 74.6cm)

39 Gallon Specifications - Compostable Waste Bags


39 Gallon



2ft 8 1/2in X 3ft 8in

(82.5cm X 1.11m)

Presto’s Compostable Waste Bags offer the following benefits:

Certified Compostable
Extra strong leak-resistant seals
Cartons made with 100% recycled paperboard
Ideal for municipal curbside food scrap, garden plants and leaf collection programs; these products are not suitable for home composting