About Us

A Legacy Built On Quality

Store brand products have existed longer than you might think. Introduced in the 1800’s, they quickly gained a reputation as high-quality, low-cost alternatives to national brands. Gradually, however, aggressive cost-cutting resulted in product reliability declines. By the 1950’s, private label had come to mean “cheap” or “generic” and rather than building a retailer’s brand equity, these products began to detract from it.


In 1961, Jack Lynch founded the Presto Products Company to change that. With offices headquartered in Jack’s garage, Presto put “national brand quality” at the core of product development. The company quickly impressed large retailers like Sears, A&P, and Shop Rite, and these early customers set a strong foundation for growth.

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Presto Today

Today, Presto is one of four business units that make up Reynolds Consumer Products. Together with the Hefty Tableware, Hefty Waste & Storage, and Reynolds divisions, Presto seeks to deliver comprehensive consumer and business solutions that help simplify lives at home and in the workplace. Through shared product development, category management, manufacturing and innovation resources, Presto has access to a wealth of consumer and market information that helps guide product development for both consumer and B2B solutions.


Presto Store Brands provides R&D, manufacturing, marketing, graphic design, and sales support for store brands in the Food Storage and Trash Bag categories.


Presto Business-to-Business creates custom solutions for businesses seeking flexible packaging closures, soil stabilization solutions, and specialty films.


Presto has customers both domestically and abroad, and operates out of Lake Forest, IL with 6 manufacturing facilities spread across the United States.

Working Toward a More Sustainable Future

Presto is committed to prioritizing sustainability as part of the Reynolds Consumer Products ESG Strategy.

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