Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap


From economical, everyday basics to perforated and premium Plastic Wrap, Presto offers easy-to-handle storage solutions that keep food fresh.

Sub Description

Presto’s line of Plastic Wrap offers excellent performance and selection to optimize your merchandising mix and build brand loyalty. Choose from different sizes, price points and performance levels comparable to national brands.

Build Your Brand
Plastic Wrap, premium and perforated
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BPA Free
Cutting blade in carton lid
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Plastic Wrap

High quality polyethylene wrap comparable to national brands
with added features for ease of use.


Our features include:

Easy Start Tab

Helps consumers find the start of the roll

Stick Spot 

Keeps the wrap in place for the next use


Indicates when the roll is almost gone

Perforated Plastic Wrap

Easy-tear perforations every 8"

Wraps large platters, leftovers, individual fruit and candies

Clings tight, seals in freshness, and microwave safe

Premium Plastic Wrap

PVC wrap that offers exceptional performance for all uses and users. Available with traditional in-lid cutter bar or convenient slide cutter!