Fold ‘N Close and Food & Bread Storage Bags

Fold ‘N Close and Food & Bread Storage Bags


Presto’s additional Food Bags are available in Fold ‘N Close Sandwich Bags and Food & Bread Storage Bags to provide a combination of economy and performance for shoppers alike.

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Fold ‘N Close Sandwich Bags and Food & Bread Storage Bags appeal to price-sensitive shoppers seeking a blend of affordability and performance.


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Sandwich and Food and Bread Bags
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BPA Free
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Fold ‘N Close Sandwich Bags

An easy-to-use fold top makes this a favorite cost-effective storage option. It’s primarily used for sandwiches and to-go food items.

Food & Bread Storage Bags

A generous, gallon-size twist-tie closure bag that’s ideal for storing bread, produce and other fresh foods.

Presto’s line of other Food Bags offers the following benefits:

BPA Free - Made of polyethylene, BPA has never been used to make polyethylene
FDA and Kosher-approved materials
Made with Recyclable Polyethylene